Our Mentor and Shareholder Rtn Ravishankar Dakoju’s (RSD) philosophy of “earn more to give more” shall drive our passion and fructify our dreams.

Mr. Ravishankar Dakoju, our Shareholder, Mentor, Philanthropist and a Real Estate investor of repute. He is known for his steadfast commitment towards community development with focus on Rural Education, Environment Protection and Care Homes for senior citizens. His community activities have breached state boundaries and reached out to all corners of the country including the North Eastern States of Mizoram and Manipur along with The Sunbird Trust headed by Col.Chris Rego., a firm believer of a borderless world & inclusive growth.

  • He adopts a unique “Earn more to give more” dictum that we too have embraced as a keystone to drive community beneficial activities. He accentuates the need to work hard and build a corpus that can be apportioned to realise the community development dreams we all foster.
  • He bequeathed a sum of ONE HUNDRED CRORES RUPEES (ÙS $14.9 million ) to Rotary Foundation, second only to the Gates foundation. His notable philanthropic activities ably emanating through the Paola Dakoju Ravishankar Foundation include,
  • Augmenting infrastructure at over 126 government school in the districts of Kolar and Chikkaballapur in the state of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu. This ambitious project completely altered the ambience of rural educational institutions.
  • As the President of Rotary Orchards Bangalore during 2018-2019, he constructed a state-of-the-art school of 20,000 Sq ft in Vasant Nagar Bangalore that encompasses modern amenities with a capacity of over 800 students.
  • KOTI NATI an ambitious project started in 2018-19 that focussed on planting 48.12 lakhs saplings across the districts of Kolar and Chikkaballapur in the state of Karnataka.
  • An old age home for senior citizens at Banashankari, Bangalore that provides solace to over 100 inmates and also attends to their medical needs.
  • Built through Sunbird Trust the Lyzon Friendship School in the village of Khomunnom in Manipur that can accommodate over 400 children from back of beyond rural areas.
  • In collaboration with the Sunbird Trust, he is constructing the Sunbird Ravishankar Farming Knowledge Centre, which will serve as a vital agriculture knowledge repository for the local populace.
  • The list is endless and together we have a shared objective, to transform lives of people and to preserve the environment. We are determined to handover to our future generations, a society that is vibrant and happy and an earth that is ecologically conducive to dwell.

The Sri Sri Sri Dhenabhagat Seva Trust, Rotary Environment Foundation and Happiness in Transit on the Chellakere Project – We intend to create one green patch at a time.

Our team shall embark on a 7-year project of planting 500,000 saplings spread over 1500-acre dry landscape in Chellakere, Chitradurga district, South India. The area earmarked has the lowest annual rainfall in Karnataka, making it a challenging task. Our mission is not just to plant trees, but to create a sustainable and beautiful environment that benefits the natural resources and the local community. We believe that this project will inspire many to embark towards a greener future. We also recognize the challenges ahead, but our passion for creating a more sustainable world drives us to overcome them.

Circle stroke

Padma Shri Ramana Rao Park

This is a project to convert a five-acre land in Padma Shri Ramana Rao Park into a lush green park. The land has been gifted to Padma Shri Dr. Ramana Rao, who has agreed to support our vision for the park. We have taken the first step towards realizing this project by planting thousand May Flower saplings. We intend to create a vibrant and verdant space that enhances the natural beauty of the region and provides a safe and serene environment for individuals and families to unwind, connect with nature, and foster a community ambience. This project is about having a vision, and hard work in bringing about positive change and inspiring hope for a brighter future. We are eager to continue our efforts and look forward to the day when the park is open for all.

Green Revolution for the Cyanide dumps at Kolar Gold Fields

This is a project in collaboration with Rotary Environment Foundation, Rotary Bangalore Orchards and Happiness in transit once again came together to bestow a green patch in the otherwise barren dumps, artificially created by the British, with cyanide laden waste product extracted from the earth as part of gold mining operations. Together they procured and planted 3,00,000 seeds.
These dumps are a source of serious ailments for the local populace. The loosely dumped mud along with cyanide found way into the populated areas of Kolar Gold Fields. The locals inhale this contaminated air and develop respiratory and renal complications leading to deaths and disability. These saplings once germinated shall grow as shrubs and trees, and bind the soil together to ensure the air is no more polluted.

A sprocket to move the wheels of literacy.

With a passion for empowering young women and improving access to education, Happiness in Transit and Rotary Bangalore Orchards joined forces to tackle the transportation challenges faced by rural schoolgirls. Together, they embarked on a mission to enhance the students’ mobility by providing them with a sleek and sustainable mode of transportation – bicycles. Through this initiative, the organizations have not only enabled these young girls to overcome the obstacles of commuting to school, but also helped to foster a sense of independence and self-reliance.

A Healthy body supports a healthy mind.

As part of our passion for promoting healthy and active lifestyles among young students, we recently procured an array of sports equipment for Mysore Mine High School located in the historic Kolar Gold Fields. The equipment includes a cricket kit, footballs, volleyballs, volleyball nets, and throw balls for both girls and boys. Our aim with this initiative is to encourage the students to engage in physical activity, build team spirit, and unlock their full potential both on and off the field. By providing this equipment, we help the students enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and foster a culture of fitness and wellness in the next generation.

Libraries provide not only information but inspiration,literature and companionship that support all our lives.

Rotary Environmental Foundation and Happiness in Transit, aimed at promoting literacy and education across several regions of Bengaluru, Hassan, Kolar, and Chikkballapur. Through this initiative, we have distributed over 15,000 books to government libraries and schools, enhancing access to quality reading for young students while also promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly future by reusing library books. We believe that access to knowledge and literacy is essential in empowering individuals and transforming entire communities. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative, and we hope that it inspires others to join us in our efforts to promote literacy.

Your future needs your clear vision

Our driver Ravi Kumar’s daughter Lisha from Navkis, Mysore, was diagnosed with congenital cataract in both eyes, that could potentially lead to total blindness for life. The cost of the surgery imposed a significant financial burden on Ravi Kumar, Happiness In Transit touched base with Rotary and Lions Club and mitigated the financial stress.

Our commitment to children

For World Differently Abled Day, Happiness in Transit provided transportation for special needs children and elderly individuals to Guanella Prethi Nivas, an old age home in Bangalore. Our mission was to ensure that everyone had equal access to participate in the event, and our services helped to make this possible.
In addition to our work with special needs individuals, we also supported Rotaract 3190’s annual event, Prakruthi held at Ramaiah University Bangalore. We provided free transportation for government school students to ensure that they could attend the event and participate in the annual meet. At Happiness in Transit, we understand the importance of community involvement and providing opportunities for all individuals to engage in meaningful activities.

Blood Donation

We are proud to be recognized as a reliable source for addressing critical blood shortages in our community. Happiness In Transit embarks on a blood donation camp in a structured way and in league with Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) a not-for-profit organization of Rotary Club of Bangalore and TTK group of companies. We also collaborate with various schools, corporates and organise blood donation camps.
We are also the first stop solution for emergency blood requirements since we are determined to mobilise donors from our office in significant numbers at short notice.